Process for Requests for Planned EDT Work

EDT undertake requests for planned work from the day time teams in specific circumstances. The request must be appropriate i.e. something which cannot wait until the next day and where clear information; the detail of work to be undertaken and contingency planning is set out. The majority of these requests will be known about before the end of the working day and should be submitted following process 1 below on a Referral form to the EDT Service Manager by 5pm at the latest. The request will then be considered, discussion with referrer may take place and the referrer will be advised if the work is to go ahead.

There are some occasions when requests cannot be made until after 5pm, for example when a social worker is still on a visit. These requests will also be considered. The process for this is set out below (2):

  1. Process for Requests for EDT Work before 5pm

    Requests for planned work should be submitted on a Referral Form and submitted to the EDT service manager as soon as possible but no later than 5pm on the day the work is required, or Friday for work at the weekend. The referral must clearly set out the family details, requirements and contingency plan should the work not go as expected. The referral will be considered and the referrer advised either by email or phone if the work is going ahead.
  2. Process for EDT Workers in receipt of requests for EDT Work after 5pm

    There will be occasions when day time teams are unable to make requests for work by 5pm in line with the current process. In these circumstances referrers must contact the relevant call centre to make the referral The EDT social worker on duty will then call them to discuss the referral and agree what action will be taken.
    • LBR: 020 8708 5897;
    • LBWF: 020 8496 3000;
    • LBBD: 020 8594 8356;
    • LBH: 01708 433 999.