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Welcome to the Waltham Forest Children's Services Procedures Manual

Welcome to the latest update of Waltham Forests Children's Services Procedures Manual, it includes the latest version of procedures and guidance for social care staff working in the Borough. In latest version we have moved to a new look to the procedures manual, which is more accessible and easier to read on mobiles and tablets.

Please see 'Amendments' for an overview of what has changed since the last edition of the manual.

Please ensure you are have read the 'Using this manual' and 'Children's Services Policies, Values and Principles' before accessing the body of this manual.

If you are new to this manual, or new to working in Waltham Forest please take the time to Register for Updates by clicking on the button on the left below; this will ensure that you are kept up to date with tri.x Policy Briefings and informed when the manual is next updated.

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